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16.06.2006 09:53
RE: Chemisches Tuning antworten

dieses Thema soll halt mal informieren :d

hier was ich im netz gefunden habe:

What are Comm Drops?
Comm drops are placed on the brush faces to help lubricate the brush/commutator interface. Since this interface is subject to very high temperatures, the theory is some lubrication will help minimize the wear.
That's the theory but what typically happens is that the oil will burn off, due to the heat, and leave a dirty sticky residue behind. My experience is that comm drops will also tend to cause brush dust to clump and collect in the brush hood. This can cause the brush to not slide smoothly in their hoods and cause poor brush/comm seating and power loss. Many comm drops are simply good old number 2 diesel fuel with a pretty color added.
Comm drops do have a positive short-term effect, but tend to be detrimental to motor performance after wearing off unless you use proper maintenance procedures. When using comm drops, make sure to regularly clean the crud out of the brush hoods using an appropriate tool or motor cleaner. They are not an add and forget proposition.
In reading about comm drops I did come across a product called Tribo tech which is recommended by Jim Greenemeyer (regarded by many to be the foremost authority on the electric motors). It was released by Tribotech after it showed it does improve the power output. This is because it promotes current flow at the brush / comm interface. I have been using this for about a year now and have not had the gunk build up with this product as I did with other comm drops. Note you still need to maintain your motor.


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